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While safety and reliability are paramount, the appearance of your vehicle gets noticed first!

Car manufacturers are always engineering the colors and paint application techniques to be more complicated as they design more impressive paint effects.

Sikkens Paint System

          We have partnered with Akzo Nobel and spray their highest quality finishes, Sikkens, on our customers vehicles. AkzoNobel’s core principles of safety, sustainability and integrity are evident in the company’s commitment to providing quality collision repair products and training. We employ fully computerized color matching as well as an Automatchic Vision camera system that allows for perfect color matching.

Where Your Car is Painted Matters!

          When it comes time to paint a customer’s vehicle after repairs, we count on the performance of our DeVilbiss downdraft paint booth for complete control over the airflow and temperature to ensure a consistent quality finish. Control over the environment your vehicle is painted in allows us to prevent inconsistencies and contaminants such as bugs, dirt, and dust.

The Dedication Continues After Paint…

          After the paint cures, our expert detail staff inspects your vehicle to ensure it meets our high standard for excellence before being prepared for delivery to you. As we stand behind our work for the life of your vehicle, it is very important to us that it meets our expectation long before it is delivered back to you, our customer.

Please feel free to call us at 484-354-2746 with any questions or to schedule repairs.

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