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Frequently Asked Questions


For most people, they are only involved in a couple accidents over their entire driving career. That means that when it does happen, the situation is stressful and full of unanswered questions. We have put together a list below of many common questions. If we missed anything, please feel free to call us at 484-354-2746 and we will be happy to answer anything additional or schedule and estimate and/or repairs.


How is the damage paid for when there is an insurance claim?

If you were found at fault for the accident, your insurance company pays for the damages to your vehicle and the other parties involved. You are responsible for your deductible that is paid directly to Copperhead Refinishing when you pick up your vehicle after repairs are complete.

If you are not at fault, the other party’s insurance pays the full amount. You owe nothing.


Who guarantees the repairs to my vehicle?

Legally, the repair facility that repairs your vehicle is liable for the all repairs completed. The insurance company does not and will not guarantee the work performed. At Copperhead Refinishing, we choose as a facility to stand behind our work 100% and will continue to do so.


Can I choose the shop or does insurance choose?

You have the legal right in Pennsylvania to choose where you want your car repaired and it is illegal for the insurance company to steer you to a shop of their choice.


Why do estimates differ from shop to shop?


In the repair process, there are many different labor operations required for a proper repair. There are also several different estimating systems that use slightly different calculation methods for estimates.

It is very possible that one shop’s estimate may not include every required operation or uses a different system that will result in different final costs.


What does it mean if my car is a total loss?

Every insurance company has a threshold at which it is no longer financially sound to repair a vehicle. If your vehicle sustains enough damage from the accident, the insurance company may rule to total your vehicle. They will determine a value based on researching locally available vehicles like yours and pay you based on those estimates. Every insurance company is different, but most have a threshold around 75%-90% of the value of your vehicle.


How is the paint matched?

As the manufactures are consistently engineering new colors and complex paint effects, we at Copperhead work closely with AzkoNobel to ensure we are keeping up with the OEM’s. We have computerized mixing that is based on your vehicles specific paint code and also use a high-tech camera system to decode any variation from the standard.


What does blending color mean?

When a repair requires a new panel or repairs to an existing panel that are close to an adjacent panel, it is the correct and accepted standard to blend the color onto that adjacent panel. Please watch the below video for a thorough explanation.

How long will repairs take?

Repair timeframes depend on the operations required. Once we have a final estimate in hand that is accurate, we will happily go over the repairs and advise on the time required.


Do you offer shuttle service?

Absolutely! Just let us know when you schedule and we will make arrangements to drop you off!


Do you have rental cars?

We do not offer in house rental cars but we have a strong partnership with Enterprise, Hertz, and Affordable Rental of West Chester. We are happy to assist with setting up reservations and making sure they are here to pick you up when needed.


How will I know when repairs are complete?

We will keep you updated throughout the repair process and reach out to notify you of the completion date and time


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. Insurance checks are only accepted if the shop is listed on the check as a payee. If the insurance check is in your name only, please deposit it and pay for repairs with one of the accepted methods.


My estimate lists a betterment. What does that mean?

Any item on your vehicle that could need replacement due to wearing out may have a betterment applied. That means the insurance company will pay for a portion of the parts based on the wear or mileage.


Can I wash my car?

In the first month after repairs, please follow these suggestions:

•             Avoid automated car washes. Please wash by hand only.

•             Make sure to use a quality car wash soap with only clean fresh water.

•             Do not allow soap and water to dry on the paint. Wash in the shade if possible.

•             Avoid dry contact with the paint as it will be more easily scratched, even by the softest towels.

•             Avoid gravel and dirt parking lots and roads if possible.

•             If bird droppings or tree sap happen, remove immediately as both can damage fresh paint quickly

•             Be very careful removing snow or ice as the paint can be damaged easily.

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