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Additional Services

Additional Services


Based on the needs of our customers, we have expanded the services that we offer to cover as many of our customer’s needs as possible.

We offer:

  • Lifetime Warranty  on Paint and Bodywork

  • Shuttle Service

  • Rental Car Assistance

  • 24/7 Towing

Please feel free to call us at 484-354-2746 with any questions or to schedule repairs.


Hail Damage


In the event that you experience extreme weather and are the recipient of hail damage, we are trained and prepared to manage the estimating, claims process and the repairs to your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

Glass Repair/Replacement


We also have full-service glass repair and replacement on site. If you need a new windshield or chip repair, please call us for a quote.


Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is also one of the services that we offer to our customers. In the event you receive an errant shopping cart ding or small dent without any damage to the paint, we can quickly remove the damage and return your car to looking great again. In most cases we can accomplish this at a fraction of the cost of traditional bodywork and paint.

Post Repair Inspectons

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer free post repair inspections. If we were your repair facility, we are happy to show you every aspect of the repair and explain the processes used to return your vehicle to 100%. If we did not repair your vehicle, we are still more than happy to provide a free post repair inspection to ensure you will be safe in your vehicle!

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