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Have You Had an Accident? Not Sure What to do Next?


Every Insurance Company is Different!

Most consumers believe that all insurance companies are similar in their processing and handling of accident claims. This could not be further from the truth!

Some insurance companies strive to work in the best interest of their customers and make them whole again while others will shortchange their insured and cut corners to minimize the cost of repair. Those decisions to not repair the vehicle according to industry standards and OEM procedures put you and your family at risk when operating your vehicle after the repairs are supposedly complete.


Every Auto Body Shop is Different!

Just like the insurance companies, repair facilities differ greatly also. It is becoming much more difficult to find repair facilities that value the customer and put them first like we do!

The nationwide corporate chains have very strong links to the insurance companies and work closely with them to ensure the prices/discounts are met instead of the quality standards.

With ever increasing complexity of driver assist and safety systems along with high tech materials being used to manufacture vehicles, it is imperative to find a shop that is aware of those features and follows the proper repair procedures to ensure those systems will work properly after the repairs are completed. We focus on continued education for our staff to ensure we are  fully capable to repair todays complex automobiles.

You Have the Right to Choose!


Many Insurance companies will steer you as a consumer to a shop that they have a relationship with. In Pennsylvania, you have the right to choose the repair facility!

Excerpt from PA Insurance Department Website


The choice of where your vehicle is repaired is up to you. Be sure to do your research when choosing an auto body repair shop.


Some questions to ask:


How long has the shop been in business?


What is the shop’s reputation in the community?


Does the shop offer a lifetime warranty?


Has the shop worked with your insurance company in the past?

Whether an insurance company recommended the shop or not, the most important thing is a quality repair!

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